New and updated plugins


Glad to see the plugin being put to use!

For the adventurous among you, andquot;Foundryandquot; a new plugin that builds common structural elements like I beams, and an updated version of andquot;piperandquot; may be found at [img:lgktml9o][/img:lgktml9o]
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Tried both of those out and they dead easy to use and great fun, many thanks.

When I have briefly looked at other 3D programs I have sometimes seen what they call a ‘sweep’ or ‘hull’ tool which involve the user drawing 2 (or 3) profiles which the tool then magically joins tother into a solid object.

Would it be possible for something like this to be provided in 3DC by one of you clever people?

Well if you dont ask, you dont get!


For more seasoned users and experts, my little post will surely come as no surprise. andnbsp;I want to mention the pleasant use of the andquot;Piperandquot; plug-in I made today.

I’ve been posting some simple models for Train-Simulator recently … tree lines, bridges, and some berms. andnbsp;The berms cause a stir because they demonstrated a solution for some terribly uneven terrain that is generated by the program along straight lengths of track.

Of course, the question followed up, what above a curved embankment? andnbsp;I thought there was some tool or add-in with 3DC that might be able to generate a curved berm, with a given radius and detail level. andnbsp;Hooray! andnbsp;Piper was just what I was looking for. andnbsp;

I am still mulling over the complexities of positioning sequences of berms within the program (on a slope, andnbsp;for example).

Anyway, thanks for the tool that makes it possible to bend a gravel pipe!

— Phil Voxland

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