Need help with ‘shifting’

thanks thegrindre,
the 3dc rider page is up and is still under constrution…there is a shift tutorial there in the pdf collection that might help you out…if you get some tutorials together you can email them to me in a attatchment at [img][/img]
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thanks for sharing…that is what jandscreations is all about…

OK, here goes…
In Trainz, railroad cars must be built on Y=0.
Once built, they now have to be shifted upward on the Y axis the proper height for the couplers to all match but, the axis must stay on Y=0.
Question is, how do I shift dozens and dozens of ‘parts’ upward???
I’ve learned to beat this dilema by building one part, (The frame), on the Y=0 axis then shifting this one part upward then begin all my building from there.

Thank you,

Try my ShiftGroupAndAnimations script.

This shifts the Selected Group Axis by exact amounts in the X, Y or Z directions.

An alternative is to use the Shift tool (right menu) and hold the control key down while Right mouse dragging over the object – this shifts the group Axis in the Y direction without affecting the rest of the model (but may affect user animations)

Thanks, Paul, I’ll give it a try.

If you keep all your bits and pieces in sub-groups with the body of the model above all of them in the hierarchy, then it’s easy just to move the body to the required height and all attached bits in the sub-groups will move with it. Then shift the y axis of the body down to zero using the shift operation and control key. That’s how I do it anyway.

hey thegrindre,
is it ok if i place the link for your site on the 3dc rider page on my site at [img:2g1id8sd]http&#58;//www&#46;jandscreations&#46;com[/img:2g1id8sd]

the 3dc rider page is not finished yet but it should be done in about a week or less…i want to have links to all the 3DC members sites and as many tutorials as possible…if you make tutorials i would appreciate if i could host them for you or use the link to point people to them…thanks

Thanks, tcorken.

I just found your site and have it bookmarked looking for tutorials.
I see you’re just getting started. It’s looking good so far. I do have plans to do a few tutorials and will get ’em to ya when I put ’em together.
The docs that 3DC have written assume far far to much for a beginner when trying to explain things. I want to do a few for ‘Dummies’ like me. But first I gotta figure how to do it. LOLOLOL
I’m working on one called, ‘Putting a Car on the Tracks for Trainz’.
I’ve had a number of e-mails/PMs about it over at Auran so thought I’d put one together.

No, don’t mind at all, go for it.

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