Need Help Creating a Triangular Bar from a Square Bar

I am trying to create a triangular bar from a square bar. I need the profile of the bar to be a triangle not a square. It should be simple but I cannot get my head around this.

Using 9.3 currently

Hi, you can probably get what you need by welding two adjacent corners of each square end together. You may need to consider the dimensions of the sides first though, as, starting from a square the newly formed side would be “root2”(1.414)x the other two sides.
Hope this helps!

John thank you. Worked like I wanted. I used the weld to first and that produced what I wanted. I could also go back and adjust the height and width of the bar and the angle changed as the changes were made. Perfect. I also played with the other weld options to see what they would do. Very interesting.
Thanks again,

Hi Greg, another way – which gives an equilateral triangle – would be to start with a cylinder primitive and reduce the longitude to 3.

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