Need advise on ’rounding corners’

Very very nice!

I’ll look into the pipe tool. Didn’t know anything about it.

Why did you start with the CUBE? Why not the tube then reduce faces?


Hi all,
I’m looking for advise on how you would round corners and edges.

This is supposed to be an old adobe jailhouse and I would like to round the edges and corners.


How would you do it?

Thank you in advance,

WOW! 40 views and no help.

I found the chamfer tool but was wondering if there is a more rounding effect tool.
I didn’t know and was the reason why I was asking, ‘How would you do it.’

I replied on the TRS forum a few hours ago.

For a more rounded effect, chamfer once, then chamfer the 2 new edges with about half the value you used first time.

Was that you? LOL

I was going to try that. I only chamfered once but I understand, now.

Thanks, Paul.

I use the same technique and get great results.

I use this method to create curved (chamfered) ‘forms’ and then use the PIPE tool to follow the edges and make the railings.

Have a look below. All the railings were done with CUBE frames that got multi-pass chamfered edges then followed with pipe tool.

Example: [img:2znpuc9s][/img:2znpuc9s]
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