Need advice about Export to Trainz if possible

I am trying to export from MSTS to Trainz when i bring a TSM file into 3D some of the textures are missing or miplaced. i understand if you select hieirachy it will bring in all of the child and attached items which I assume means textures. But…it says in a pop up…. to click Cntr+a and click to turn on Hieracrhy but click on what? if i click on part of the model in the window, it goes transparent but i dont see any textures showing up. Can anyone help on this? i have been able to export to OBJ format but not Trainz, when i try to export to Trainz i get an error saying that settings have not been made. Is there any form of instruction on how this program needs to be set up to export to Trainz? thanks

even just knowing HOW to turn on Heiarchy would be a big help…i dont see anywhere to turn it on

You need to click on something in the main group. But, you don’t need to click on anything really. As long as nothing is selected 3DC should select everything.

Trainz really isn’t my erea of expertise unfortunately. Can you send a screen capture to me (assistance at Maybe I can see from that what’s happening.

Does this ring a bell for anyone else?

Hi Richard. ok i will try again and and send a pic i think i was getting some kind of error message and if we can figure it out it would be great as this looks to be the best converter from TSM to Trainz there is…indeed i think the only one.



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