My dream script

Thanks for the suggestion.


Hello guys, I just bought 3DC pro a couple of days ago. But when I was playing around with the freeware version I could make two objects move, and the camera as well. So lets say that objects A and B have moved and animated over the points B and C. The camera has also moved points aswell. How do you reset the camera so that the other objects STAY WHERE THEY ARE so you can continue animating the scene with the models, but take new camera angles ect. Is this an actual function because I couldn’t find anything like that on the freeware version, or would it have to be a script? This is hard to explain for me, I hope you understand…

I think I understand. And yes, it would have to be a script. Or you could record to versions of your animation to video and use a video editing tool to switch between the views.


Also, the other function of the script would be to reset the LAST frame to be the FIRST frame, but retain everything about the scene, (except the camera). So, for example, you have a kung fu guy, and you want him to punch the bad guy. You want the camera to change HALF way through the punch to a different camera angle, but without the camera moving (you just want the camera to andquot;appearandquot; not move/slide ect)

So you arrange the scene to end half way through the punch, and you export to an avi, then you run the script that wipes all of the animation data, but changes the last frame to the first, so that you can keep on animating from a different angle, but you keep on going just from where you left off! Again, I hope I’ve expained better… (Thank goodness I’m not on the support e-mail, I’m hopeless at explaining!!)

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