Missing Plug-ins/Operations in 8.1.4

Yes. I have now got them working in version 8.1.3 – though I had to un-install and re-install both the programme and the plug-ins.


The operation to add faces to back seems to be missing from the new version of 3DC. The same applies to the Double Side and Material Manager plug-ins. I tried using the versions of these plug-ins for 7.1.2 in the new version, but they do not work. Are new versions of these operations/plug-ins available or will they be made available?


After some searching, I found Version 8.1.1. of Decapod’s plug-ins on his site. However, when I installed them in 8.1.3, 4 or 5, only the scripts included appear. None of the operations, plug-ins or import/export plug-ins are available although they are listed in the correct 3DC folders. I also looked in the options window and again none of the missing items are listed there. Is there something else I need to do? I am using Windows XP.


They should all work for 8.1.3 – I’ve not tried them with 8.1.4+

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