Merging/Deleting faces of Extruded Objects

Thanks. I will see if I can create a small example. andnbsp;The problem is if the example is too simple it is difficult to create the Boolean operation failure.

I am trying to get rid of internal faces but keep the seams on the external faces which result from extrusion . Which of the following should be used:

1) Solidify
2) Optimize Geometry
3) Reduce Faces

1) I extruded two faces that are in the same plane. I would like to eliminate the common face resulting from the extrusion. The face reduction tool distorts the object too much if an object has been extruded.

2) I also noticed Boolean operations do not seem to yield good results if one of the objects is extruded.

3) I also noticed that if I try to utilize the line/edge removal tool a line will dissapear elsewhere sometimes if the object is extruded.

4) If you are in wireframe mode and a point is selected, the object appears solid. It is then difficult to determine how to locate the object relative to the other points. Do you plan to change this or offer an alternative ponit adjust wireframe mode?

1) Not sure what you mean. Do you mean that you want to remove the edge that separates the two faces? If so, select the edge and use the ‘trimandquot; operation.

2) Were the objects deformed in any way? For example did you move points, edges or faces manually? The boolean operations work best on objects that have been triangulated first. You normally don’t andquot;needandquot; to triangulate before a boolean operation but if there is any distoration of the object it may improve the results.

3) Can you send me an example? (small as possible with detailed explanation to <!– e –><a href=""></a><!– e –>) I’ve never experienced that.

4) This is fixed in 4.21.


It could be that you want to apply the Crease operation.

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