Merge Many Parts

I agree. That’s how I do it.

Is there a way to quickly merge many parts into a single object???
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I have a model with many small parts that need to be consolidated into a single object every time I export it… Since it is a work in progress – the process to manually merge all parts together is very repetitive… Is there an easier way to ‘select all’ and then ‘merge all’ into a single part ???



No, there isn’t a quick way.

But, what I would do is move them to the same group. I can’t think of a case where they would need to be merged for export reasons.

Hi Richard,

This is still an issue – and I have a better understanding of how performance is affected in both Flight Sim and Train Sim – the two biggest factors that affect performance are the intelligent use of LOD’s and minimizing Draw Calls – when you export leaving countless parts in place – each part makes it’s own Draw Call – you can see this clearly in Paul’s Shape Viewer when you look at the model hierarchy… I’ve done extensive testing in both sims and you get better performance when you have a model exported with very few parts vs a model with many parts… Please consider adding this essential functionality…



Hi Scott,

3DC Parts don’t make draw calls in FSX, the shapes and groups are combined into similar materials on export.
This is where the material manager comes into play to make sure all the FSX materials are the same for all parts.
The exception is animations where an animated group will make it’s own draw call.

Similar for Train sim – once again shapes in the same group are normally combined during the export. In that case it’s one group for a draw call – no need to merge shapes.


Hi Paul,

Hah – and here I thought only me and the pill head (spam guy) were the only two guys still frequenting this forum… I was getting ready to ask him about Viagra prices just to have someone to talk to…

Hmm – lol – one step forward – two back – lol – thanks for the explanation – maybe I don’t know as much as I think I do… I did some serious testing with an optimized freight car I built – and ran two tests – with the only variation (as much as practical) being the number of parts in the model’s hierarchy – these were long 100 car freight trains with all the same model – and it “seemed” I got a decent boost in performance when I took the time to collapse the hierarchy – lol – possibly the placebo effect ? Anyway – I’ll go back to the drawing board – as always – I greatly appreciate your help and/or insights… Oh – I use the standard menu exporter and not the wizard – if that makes a difference…

I hope all is well with your 3D printing business – was looking at your website – just curious – who buys them – is this tailored for some war gamers that still use real pieces to play ? It’s amazing that we can make our 3DC objects into real pieces that we can hold in our hands – when this technology really evolves – wow – 200,000 poly locomotives – just hit print…

Any contact with Richard – seems he’s MIA again – I had some people asking me about purchasing V10 – but you can’t PAN in any of the UVMAP functions – which in my humble opinion – renders it useless…

Always a pleasure – sir…


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