Lost Grid

Hmm .. grid button? whew!.. it’s finally staying down.. it kept popping back up which must be why the grid only appeared for a moment before disappearing .. many thanks!!!

Edit: The quick answer worked for me! However, here is a more analytical (and long-winded) one which can extrapolate to many parts of the 3DC interface.

Once the ‘grid’ button is pressed, it is most usual to press the tiny arrow to change the settings (from solid to transparent, to wireframe and vertices) i.e. the fine-tuning.

However, if the actual on/off grid button is turned off (whether accidentally or on purpose), it’s easy to forget that the button itself needs to be pressed to be properly functional, and for the finer settings to be operative.

The difference in appearance between a pressed and an unpressed button is subtle, yet you can see from the image I posted previously, that the grid button is not pressed, but somehow I forgot I must ‘press’ on the grid icon, and kept trying for the little arrow (downward-pointing triangle). I’m sure Paul spotted this immediately <!– s:D –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!– s:D –>

Frankly, I think the interface is a good one, and well designed, but since it contains a plenitude of possible settings, there are bound to be pitfalls, a result of the complexity of the options we want at our fingertips.

I seem to have lost my grid (checkerboard background) ..

I had loaded a backdrop image, tried to change views and crashed. When I rebooted I had no background. .. and no grid. well, if I click for it, it shows up for a fraction of a second and disappears.

While it might be a bug, it might also be something I’ve changed … I had tried out the ‘atmosphere button.


I’ve attached a capture, with an inset of my grid settings.

Check the grid button on the toolbar is down – that caught me out once.

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