LODs and Scripting

Problem solved. It was too close to my eyes…
Thanks. Now everything works as expected, including animation


is there any way to define the LODs in one single script. To date I have to write a script for each level of distance and merge them manually as descriped for custom LODs.

Regards Roman

I’m not sure what you mean. What LODs? (Level of Detail?)



the level of details. To date I write a script for each level of detail, run them, do the animations and finally export the whole scene to train simulator. May be it is possible to do the whole stuff in one single script?


Sorry I still don’t understand. What does this script do?


Hi Richard,

I use scripting to build my entire model. In my first stages I used scripting to get the dimensions right, and did the texturing manually.
Now I am able to control everything except the animation by scripting.
But I fail to do the different LODs in the same script. So I have a script for every LOD, run those scripts, do my animation on the first LOD, export the whole thing to trainsimulator and it works.
My wish now is to put the sherry on top and write one single to do all that. In a first step I will leave animation out, and try to do one combined script icluding my desired number of LODs. Then run the script in 3DC and finally export the modell to trainsim.


Ok. I understand now. What specifically is making it so that you can’t create multiple models in one script? I can’t think of anything that would limit this.


The groups in the diffferent LODs must have the same name except the main group. That is an obviuos problem for me….

The SetName method of the 3DCGroup and 3DCObject objects should do the trick.
Or am I missing something?


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