Lights (head / tail): which export settings?

Thanks a lot Vlado: I used the above hierarchy and it’s working!


I tried to export an engine with lights.
It’s not working.

Lights are faces with a tga file.

On one side, I called the faces:
(lights_fwdtail, lights2_fwdtail, lights_revhead, lights2_revhead on the other side)

Rail Sim keyword: Tex
Tx Alpha = translucency

I tried to add ‘1_1250_’ at the beginning.
as indicated in ‘train guidelines’ at paragraph ‘6.6 Light glows’.

thanks in advance for your help.

I think you are using the wrong shader.
The ‘Train guide lines’ states that you should use AddATex as shader.



Definitely, you should use AddATex as shader.

I read posts which would not give a final conclusion of the correct settings (at least it seemed to me).
There are topics about AddATex but then there was discussions that it was not AddATex because it’s for scenery but AddTex or Tex…

Thanks for your replies, I know now for sure that AddATex is the shader to use.
I’ll leave objects names with lights_fwdhead etc…

I have:

lights_fwdhead, lights2_fwdhead, lights_revtail, lights2_revtail,
lights_fwdtail, lights2_fwdtail, lights_revhead, lights2_revhead

just under ‘Main’.

The faces are properly displayed taking the alpha channel into account… but they are all displayed permanently whatever the position of the light button.

Should I change the names using ‘1_1250_’?

I know we at TSNZ did sort out the lamps on some our RW releases. And had lamps showing depending on direction of travel etc.
I am still on dialup net, and will be for a while, I shall check some my stuff and see if I have a suggestion.

I used recommendations from the pdf document ‘Getting a loco model from 3DC into Rail Simulator’ by Kevin Martin and Richard Scott.

But there may be errors as far as current 3DC export is concerned.

For example, they say to use AddTex whereas it should be AddATex.
They also name faces lights_fwdhead, etc… but according to RS documentation, the name should be for a group including the shape, not for the shape name itself (may be this could be the solution to my problem).

Maybe this help.

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