Lighting Glitch

??? I have no idea whatsoever.

If I saw the original broken model I might be able to figure it out.


Although this showed up in a model for MSTS, it is probably a general question.

I created a left hand turnout for MSTS which looks OK in the sim. I then created a right hand version by flipping the various objects about the X axis. Everything is fine except that one poly in the ballast of the right hand version is now too dark in 3DC and MSTS.

I’ve tried re-texturing and creasing with no luck. If I invert all the polys that make up the ballast and view them from below the lighting looks correct but then they don’t show in the sim.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the suggestion.

I had tried triangulation followed by optimization but it still left a dark poly. I made sure that the ambient, diffuse, and specular settings were correct and tried the object cleaner script. As fas as I can tell there are no orphaned points in the poly or its neighbors.

However, I did andquot;fixandquot; it with the following sequence.

– cloned the original object that has the dark poly
– deleted the dark poly in the cloned object
– created two triangles to replace the deleted poly in the cloned object
– merged the two triangles in the cloned object

Now, I have NO idea of why but the dark poly in the ORIGINAL object received correct lighting when I andnbsp;merged the two triangles in the CLONED object! See attached.

Both turnouts now look correct in MSTS.


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