Lathed Then Smooth-Answered

Well I made sure the start point was centered, it looked fine but when I smoothed it I get the hole in the top. I have tried it a few times making sure the ‘loop’ was closed.

It seems to produce the hole when smoothing.
Any ideas?


I looked over the tutorial carefully again, you have to make sure you start and end on X=0 and click on the bottom point and the top point before closing the lathe window to keep it as one solid object. If all goes correct a vertical red line will run from the top to the bottom of the object.

Hello folks, if you look in my art gallery (Merry Paw Art) you will see a pawn, there is a hole through the center of the piece.

I used the lathe procedure to create this with one level of smooth. Is there an easy way to get rid of the hole or do I need to redo the object?


You just need to make sure that the point at the top of the lathe is right in the center, it looks like its a bit off.

Thank you DeathRay2K I’ll give it another shot.

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