Just showing off a few of my models

Hi Peter,
I decided to model in one gauge only. I picked my favorite of all the gauges and settled upon U.S. 3′ narrow gauge. It has kept the confusion down, at my age, trying to keep up with and adjust to all the various coupler heights and everything else involved with the other gauges along with all the test track and models from all over the world I’d need to check everything against.
It’s just easier for me to stick with one gauge.

I can’t export to RW. I don’t own a version to export to and I won’t deal with Steam and their policies to obtain a copy.

I’m a MSTS fan, and to keep things simple in my life, I only model for MSTS in 3′ NG.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help…


Hi all,
I’ve gotten a little better at this 3DC thing. At least I think I have…
These are my latest releases for MSTS;




I’d really like to thank Bazza for all the help he’s given me.
These are the works of your instruction, Barrie.


Hi Rick,

Nice models, good looking textures also.


Super job with both the models and textures.

I know I’ve said this many times before but I still think the textures make the model.
Time spent learning how to create texture sets like these is time well spent. IMO


I do not like texturing. LOL
I spend more time on these textures, trying to get ’em looking just right, then I do on the model.
(Now, if I could only find me a great ‘painter’…)

You are right, Bazza, textures do make the model.

thanks guys,

can I order those in 3ft 6in gauge please, I think I can find a nice spot for those in a New Zealand route.

Time these had a home in Railworks as well.

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