I've given up on Crafter for good

I give up!

I paid for the V10 upgrade well over 1 year ago and what have I got, nothing!, no support! no progress! no forecast! nothing

As I paid for the software I assumed this to be a commercial undertaking but obviously not, in commercial terms money has been taken under false preferences as no goods have been provided, not happy at all, as the moral goes caveat emptor!

Blender, AC3D Sketchup here I come.


I should say that there is a version 10 preview out currrently. It is what I intended for version 10. But I was not happy with it and that is why I didn’t promote it from preview to final version.

This is going to sound like a whole lot of excuses, I know but 3DC 10 is currently my main work priority. It has been a real struggle. But now I am quite happy with the version that I am currently working on, It was nearly ready to go when I came across a major issue. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to fix it and won’t until at least early December.

Richard… in all fairness to those of us that have stuck it out with 3DCrafter and you, and spent the money for v10, there are only so many delays that are acceptable. The final release keeps slipping, not by days, but by months. I understand if this program hasn’t been your main gig in life. And at least for me, that is why I have been patiently waiting. I like the program. But now hearing that it will be at least December before you’ll be touching the program… enough is enough. Somehow… someway… v10 must become a priority and get to final release.


Richard you are correct that there is a preview version of V10 available, but as I have reported, several time, it will not load, I did eventually, receive a scant response that this is something to do with Windows 10 loaders but no help in any way to fixing anything. As Howard has said enough is enough. I’m not sure which part of the world you operate in but here in the UK you simply cannot accept money for something which does not exist and has no forecast of availability. From your original blog post of last year (http://amabilis.com/version-10-expected-release-date-upgrade-special/) the release date was to have been Oct 2015 we are now over 13 months past that date.

I apologize if this comes across as harsh but I feel as a customer I don’t matter despite handing over hard earned currency

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