issues with automated texturing

This is quite interesting. I’ll have to look into it more.


I finally managed the thing ‘settexturepointcoordinate’ Inside 3DC everthing works and looks well, but exporting to Trainsimulator shows 2 issues:

The objects are too dark although I used the appropriate ambient and specular values. The usage of the translucent variable will crash the sim regardless of the used value.
If translucency is not given by the script the object uses the translucency value of the standard material in the palette, if the other properties are not set in the script they will not be replaced with values of the default material. The same model based on the same script without ‘setpointtexturecoordinates’ and manually finished with the proper textures works and looks well in the sim. Any ideas?
Ps: there is no difference in using the Trainsimulator export Plug-in or the ‘onboard’ tool. A comparison of the shape files shows differences in vertex values and the
vertex idxs and normal idxs. My objects are tracks

The lighting problem is solved: I used the wrong value for specularity, it must be 1 ( Copy and paste sometimes is dangerous )

The Translucency value seems to be a bug, Richard?

The script uses the value out of the loaded material in the material palette. This seems to conflict with the value provided by the script when exportet to Train-Sim.
For now I can workaround this by not giving a translucency value in the script, loading the andnbsp;appropriate material to the palette and setting the correct translucency value there, but on more complex models with different objects using different translucency values this approach will fail.

Doing some more investigation I found the following:

Setting the translucency Paramter inside a script affects generation of LODs. Setting translucency to 1 forces 3DC to calculate different LODs than without translucency ( In my case Near/far ).
These Lods are the reason for Train-sim to crash.
Whe not using LODS the translucency parameter works as expected; the other way round not using LODs translucency works as expected. andnbsp;When I still want to use LODs and translucency I have to do the workaround with the material-Palette.

This seems to be odd andnbsp;and points to the direction of Hannes problems with LODs.

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