IK joint question

Pleased you got it sorted…If you open the Component Panel and drag one of the skeletons into a new scene. Then open the Scene Hierarchy panel you may get a better idea of how the parent/child system works.

The lower back bone is the parent…every other bone is a child of the lower back bone. If the parent moves every bone will move with it.

However if you look at the arm bones, these are also children of the Clavical bone….each bone in the arm is also made a child of the last bone. So you can move/rotate the hand bone without effrecting the rest of the arm bones.

Same for the legs and back.


I have a question about using IK joints. I am trying to place some movable gun turrets on a ship. I would like the entire turret to rotate while the gun barrel elevates up and down. I have been able to do either with IK joints, but not both at the same time. If I merge or group the barrel with the turret, both objects move at the same time. So if I elevate the barrel, the turret lifts with it and disconects from the ship’s suface. If I don’t merge or group them, the barrel works properly, but when I rotate the turret it leaves the barrel behind.
Does amyone have any suggestions on how or if I can get the barrel to elevate and the turret to rotate correctly at the same time?

This is just a hierarchy thing….you shouldn’t need any bones or IK joints.
In the Scene Hierarchy Panel just drag the barrel onto the turret. The barrel then becomes a child of the turret. When the turret turns so will the barrel but the barrel will be able to rotate independently of the turret.
You just need to get the axis point on the barrel in the right place.


THANK YOU Bazza! I still needed the IK joints to make it work. I tried changing things around in the hierarchy until all the parts function perfectly. Now I can just grab the barrel and move it where I need it instead of continually repositioning the parts.

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