I need help with ‘Runtime Errors’

Hi Gerrit,
I haven’t done any changing of views, all I did was try to export to 3ds using my four view set up.
A top view, a front view, a right side view, and the 3D view.

Now, I found this out. It only crashes when I have Trainworks activaded. When turned off, all works fine.


Hi all,
I tried to export to 3ds and got the following errors, althought it worked a week ago. Very strange.

Run-time error ‘0’ (Little box appeared)
3DCEditport 7a

Then a larger box that said I should report this with this number, #-2147418105.

EDIT: I just tried to import a 3ds file and 3DC crashed on me with error #5.
Everything was fine a week ago…


Hi Rick

For Runtime error 0, when changing from a 4 window view to a single window view, see

this post

I cannot help you with runtime error 5

Regards Gerrit

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