I need a little help with texturing

glad i could help you out..

It’s me again.
I’m trying to apply a circular texture to a flat circular surface. Problem is, the texture is actually square but the area of the texture I want to apply is round.
(The visual would be, a hub cap on a wheel.)
I’ve tried every combination of the shift and ctrl keys using the Operation Adjust Tool with the gizmos in the corner, (and there is a hell of a lot of ’em), but can’t get the texture to spread/stretch outward from center to cover the surface evenly.
I’ve been able to adjust it ever way but outward.
Is this function avaiable? And/or how do I do it?

(I know of two work-a-rounds to accomplish this,
one being a mask with an alpha channel and the other would be to color in the background of the texture with a similar color.)


This is a very short tutorial on uv mapping in 3dc. this will be your new best friend.i put it in an attachment.

Yes, yes, yes!!! That’s exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks a million, Pirate.

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