How to make a leaf

Excellent Tutorial Kirk, and excellent work with the leaf also…… ;D


How to make a leaf….I picked a leaf to do because it shows how to use the extrude tool and bend tool…

I think some of the more important tools….

Lets get started.

First drag in the extrude tool…

Thanks KB

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Excellent, Kirk!

Now all you have to do is texture it to give it that real look…

I hope that you liked this tut….


Here is the leaf textured.


And thats it…simple it should now look something like this….

Ok… Press the x in the corner and then press yes..

now you have your leaf….but we still need to bend it…so open the bend tool …

make sure that the last point hits the first point you started at the end of your shape or the leaf will not be solid.

After you draw the leaf you ned to give it depth…
so in the box right below the box you drew the leaf …draw a new line..very small like in this pic.

Now give your leaf a little bend like in the pic…

when you are happy with it press OK andnbsp;and return to the main screen.

This makes this screen open so you can draw your basic shape of the leaf….

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Thanks Paul

I should have more up tonight on my website.

Plus i will have the leaf texture and some others up tonight if all goes well.

kirk saavedra

Nice tutorial Kirk

The AVI version on your website [img:b40j0t91]http&#58;//www&#46;kirksaavedra&#46;com[/img:b40j0t91]
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andnbsp;is amazing, lets hope you find time to do some more for us.


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