How to get the right drivers and avoid crashes

Here’s my problem. Maybe you can give me some ideas.
My video card shows to be manufactured by IDEMA(name on the box that it came in). It has the S3 Savage4 GT/PRO chipset. I can and have found driver updates from the S3 website, but have had no luck at all in locating drivers at the IDEMA website. All I see there is that IDEMA is setting the standards for HDD performance, etc, etc, etc.
I have emailed IDEMA with no reply whatsoever, so how can I find the proper drivers?

How to get the right drivers and have no more 3DC crashes

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I’m a hardware tech and programmer. I read many messages on this forum, and it seems to me that the most of the 3DC troubles are due to bad drivers. So here are some guidelines to choose the best drivers for your card, hope this helps.

1) Always get the latest drivers from the internet, do not use the drivers that come with your card CD, the most of the times they are not updated.

2) Do not download the drivers from the chipset manufacturer site, always download the drivers from the card manufacturer site. This is very important, because the chipset drivers are reference drivers only, and they do not include specific customizations for your card.

3) Be sure that the driver is windows certified (it reports the WHQL sign). Always prefere certified drivers to not certified ones, even if they are an older version. Not certified drivers may improve game performances, but they don’t support complex windows programs such as a 3D modeler.

4) Always install DirectX first, and the card driver last. Card drivers need the DirectX layer to install properly on the system. Also, be sure that the card driver supports your DirectX version, you cannot install DirectX 8 if your driver does not support it. If your card driver does not support the DirectX version that you need, then it is time to change the card.

3DC is great !! bye ^_^

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Great Advice!!

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