How do you move the axis?

It is my local show and I have been with UKTS, but it was probably more like 2004/05.

Its best to have the axis at the bottom of the model to avoid having to pull the model half way out the ground in KRS. The only thing is, that I do not know how to move the axis in 3DC? It would be a lot easier, rather than move all the objects in the model, so that the axis is in the right postion. You can move the axis in GMAX, so I’m sure this can be done in 3DC, can it?

There are 2 ways…

1) Select the shift tool on the right, hold down the Ctrl key and right mouse drag an object in that group (to shift the axis in the Y direction)
This will upset any animations you have.

2) Run the ShiftGroupsAndAnimations script and enter a negative value when it asks for the Y direction shift (and 0 for X and Z)
– available with my other scripts and extra plugins from [img:15296w7e][/img:15296w7e]
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Thanks Paul, I will try that. Did I meet you at the Leatherhead MRC show, demonstrating MS Trainsim Feb07? Maybe, I’m confusing you for someone else.

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