How do you animate flashing lights?

I know how to animate but I am trying to animate a cube as a flashing light changing back and forth between red and green. However when I choose the red part of my texture and add it at 0 frame then add a green from my texture at say frame 25 the animation seems to run by sliding across the texture rather than just changing at 25. Anyone know where I am going wrong? Cheers


Hi Ken

Its a few years since I played about with animation but I would imagine that say you make a 50 frame animation then make frames 1-25 red, frames 26-50 blue that might give you the effect you want.

Good luck.


Hi Paul

Thanks for the reply.

I tried that but the animation in the first frames just scrolls across the mesh then settles for the second colour.

I’m just guessing here Ken but you could try using the ‘automatically repeat animation’ button on the animation toolbar.


Again thanks Paul but tried that and no luck. Really strange. All I am in fact trying to set up is an animation of an electronic flip flop. You know RED – GREEN -RED etc 🙂 Once it goes once I can use it in the game engine I am creating it for to repeat the animation.

Again thanks for your replies.

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