Hierarchy In Trainworks

Yes, if you are going to use the wizard, it will change your hierarchy and will rename groups. Also, you’ll need to identify parts with the wizard.

If you use the File menu’s export you are entirely in control.

Hi Guys,

I am trying to export a model loco into Rail simulator and keep getting an error message stating that it can’t move groups and the hierarchy is wrong.. any chance of a screenshot to show what a successful hierarchy should look like ?
Also it insists on renaming certain of my elements even though they are all named uniquely is it looking for certain specific named objects and groups?

Sorry i have studied the tutorials but can’t find anything (I have normalised groups after reorientating the model)

I have renamed the wheel/bogie groups that were generated at the begining of the build. and also have not used the mainframes that were created.. replaced by my own.

I prolly made a whole heap of mistakes but this is a first attempt.



Paul ( Sly)

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