Hi-Poly Limits in v7

Thought I’d bump this topic because I’m still looking for answers.

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Hi all,
I’m a team member of the new Open Rails Train Simulator, ORTS, and am experimenting with hi-poly well detailed models, especially close to track side in checking the FPS and overall performance of the sim.
I’m now running into problems using 3DC building these hi-poly models. I’ve had numerous PC lock-ups and crashes and was wondering what limits I’m dealing with in 3DC building in this ‘new’ fashion from the older MSTS way of doing things?
Is there a way to ‘tweak’ 3DC to utilize more memory or to use a paging file of some sort? These models are bringing 3DC to it’s knees.

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How many polys are you talking about?

My Open Rails K-28 has 26,492 polys and it hasn’t slowed down my puter at all.

V7 can have problems if you have too many objects (50+) in a group. Merging objects within a group fixes those crashes.

Hi guys,
What I did was make some 3D grass. 3 sided leafs and stems with pointed tops. Each blade of grass and stem had 9 faces each. I then merged everything together as I went along creating one model of one total object. My first experiment had created a poly count of like 250,000 or so.
I was trying to make one field of grass rather then little clumps scattered about.
I thought I could make 100 foot long sections, maybe 10-100 feet deep but 3DC and my PC told me I couldn’t do this.

That’s the reason I was asking about the poly count limit.
What are the limits?


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