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first i would like to say, this is a very good windmill…i have started using pacemaker for animations, it would do this with no problem and very quick..i would think the problem would be in the export of the scripts…another great animation program is fragmotion…it only costs about $30….it seems that 3dc works good on some types of animation and not as good on others…not trying to put down the product…it’s my favorite…it’s just that some animation programs are better equipped for the type of animation you are trying to achieve…hope this helps, pirate

I made a model of a windmill. It has a main set of sails in the front and a smaller tail fan on the rear. Both have been animated using rotate-360 scripts. Works great in 3DC. However, when I export to .X and open it with any other program, only the tail fan rotates. Does anyone have a clue of what is going on. I have also tried to make it as two seperate animations. But I can’t seem to figure out how to do so with 3DC. I could use bones to animate them, but when I do that the interpolation between keyframes cause them to distort when playing the animation. HELP! I need the model to export correctly so that both sails rotate.
A short video of what I’m doing can be seen here:
Windmill Video

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