Hello, Newbie here…

ROFL! what a nice cheerful greeting! ^_^

I’m sorry I missed it until just now.. thanks for the welcome,

and sure.. a model of a toilet would be handy.. for when I play Uru (Cyan) I’ll just drag it along – the D’ni people either had a very slow metabolism or were very secretive about their facilities XD

anyway .. nice to meet you ^_^

Yes I know that’s very vague. But wanted to introduce myself:
I’m Butterpaw.. I use Poser6, Vue 5 Infinite and 3D Game Studio, and am very much looking forward to growing and developing with 3DC. It is a delight to see so much good documentation and a user-friendly yet apparently quite powerful 3D software. Also wonderful to find such an active community. ^_^


I know I will have questions, but I imagine I will also find plenty of answers here already.

hello, butterpaw
i’m pirate i work mostly with dark basic pro but i also have 3d game studio but i have not learned it yet. you will like 3DC, its a little buggy sometimes but they will fix almost any problem you find. i may check with you later for some help with 3d game studio if thats ok with you…welcome to 3dc forum.


Sorry I missed this post…welcome to the forums. Hope you fnd them useful…if you get stuck just ask.

I use..
3DC to create all my models
Blitz3D as the 3D engine
Gile to lightmap and arange my scenes
Ultimate Unwrap 3D for unwrapping complex models
Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop for textures
Fragmotion for animating figures etc.


Thanks, both of you, for your welcoming replies!

I will be happy to share anything I do know, and will undoubtedly also be asking a lot of questions. I did discover a bug, (see bugs forum) which appears to have been fixed by a regedit, so for now, I’m a happy camper, and 3DC is running smoothly. (I’m working on the whale) … I [b:3v4nju93]love[/b:3v4nju93] 3d modeling – I’m also a sculptor, and it’s like … virtual clay! ^_^

Thanks so much for listing what you use.. I will look into some of those!

Welcome to f.o.r.u.m. your all purpose guide to 3DC. How may we assist you on this glorious day of days? Withdraw cash? Make a deposit? Model a toilet? You name it…

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