Glowing Export

I don’t remember in which version this was changed, but I think 4.23 sounds right. andnbsp;I think what you need to do is change the specularity value to a non-zero number before you paint the face(s). andnbsp;MSTS can light faces in different ways, depending on what the object is. andnbsp;The inside of a subway car, for example, you might want to be always lit brightly and uniformly inside, so you would set specularity to 0 when painting something like that. andnbsp;For most things, set specularity to non-zero for natural shading.

I went from 4.22 to 4.23 recently. andnbsp;If export a andnbsp;single object for MSTS, the lighting is fine. andnbsp;If two or more objects are placed on the frame the object kind of glows in MSTS(i.e. lighted from all directions). andnbsp;I did not have this problem when exporting from 4.22. andnbsp;I tried merging the objects but this did not solve the problem. I tried applying material by floodfilling and face application but there was no difference. What causes this problem?

I think what is bothering me is that I am texturing the same way I did in 4.22 and getting different results. andnbsp;It is a little like jeffmorris’s issue with the track texture appearing brighter going from one version to another. andnbsp;I have textured 3 complex models without any problem in 4.22 and now I am not getting the same results. andnbsp;I will try the specular suggestion.

Oh, I just went back and re-read your post, and I don’t know why it would work for a single object, but not for multiple objects on a frame. andnbsp;Hmmmm. andnbsp;I guess just double check that specularity value, and make sure it didn’t change on you for some reason, which might have happened when you installed the new version.

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