Geting Started Tutorial

I used to use this a lot when it was called 3D Canvas and thought I revisit it. Problems!!

Has it changed substantially as I don’t seem to be able to load my old files very well? Also I used to have a higher spec version that I paid good money for but now seem to have the basic version. Do I have to spend another $39 to get the Pro versions with all the whistles and bells (or will the intermediate version do for building animated models for TS2014)?

I have tried to use the included getting started tutorial but don’t seem to be able to get started! I seem to have bits missing which I will have to try to describe as I don’t seem to be able to include screenshots here.

1) On ther first page of the “getting started with 3D Crafter” tutorial, after I have drawn the sphere, the left hand box entitled “Construction” under the blue “Primitives”boxes is blank and does not contain the “Shape operations” and “Scale settings” controls as does your tutorial example.

2) When I click on the arrow in the top tool bar after drawing my sphere, the drop down box that appears over the sphere simply has the options “Look”, “Camera” , “Link Child Groups”, “Edit” and “Scene Properties” and not the huge range of options that your illustration is equipped with.

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