Get a simple wagon into RS – a Pictorial Tutorial

I noticed that shaders listed in ‘FX shaders’ chapter of the KRS shaders documentation need to be used by adding ‘.fx’.

For example, in the Rail simulator column of 3DC material editor, you must type TrainBasicObjectDiffuse.fx not just TrainBasicObjectDiffuse

Otherwise, while exporting using the blueprint editor, you get the following message:
ERROR: Could not map shader TrainBasicObjectDiffuse

I have posted a tutorial [img:2c4dkdcq][/img:2c4dkdcq]
. It is a not very pretty model, and incomplete, but it does work in RS.

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It’s interesting to note that the rule in ch 4.07 of KRS documentation:
‘Always use lower case for all filenames (MAX, ACE, PSD, etc…).’

… is not actually compulsory as your model uses upper case file names.

thank you for the tutorial Iamm
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