Frame Axis Rotation


The Shift operation has an option to rotate an object (not the frame) by a specified # of degrees.


Is there a simple way of rotating the frame axis by exactly 90 degrees? I have found that I can use the ‘Shift Tool’ and rotate the object approximately 90 degrees, by dragging on one of the bottom right axis arms, leaving the frame axis where it was, then rotate the object and frame axis back exactly 90 degrees by entering 90 in the frame orientation box in the object properties dialogue, but I would prefer a more accurate solution.

Ian M.

A little more information on this. There is a convention in 3DC that if there is a red triangle in the top right corner of a button it means there are right-click options.


Thanks guys – that was the missing piece of the puzzle.

In the andquot;Object Operationsandquot; panel, there is a button (I think it should be 4th from the right in the second row) that is the andquot;Shiftandquot; button. andnbsp;If you right-click this button, you can set the shift amounts (for both translations and rotations), and then when you select an object and left-click the Shift button, the selected object will be shifted by the values you set.

Sorry to sound thick, but ….. how?

Right click on tthe shift icon(small square inside of a square) in the object manipulation tools window(hammer icon) a window should appear that allows the entry of translational and rotational information

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