Flipping Polygons…

it is… YES!! invert is what I was looking for… thank you. I was overlooking it. i kept wanting to mirror it but that wasnt working. I am building a corner fence and i need to make the inside of the corner of the fence so YES! INVERT! i can go to bed now.

O.k. amateur question but I am stuck… How do I flip polygons…? I have a fence railing and I want to flip the polys (or mirrored) ahh… mirrored, is that what I am looking for?

Let’s say I want to make a pipe… with an inside. ya dig? I cannot figure out how to make the inside. cheers.

Select the faces/polys and run Pauls Double Sided Plugin or Operation.
To give the pipe some thickness, select all the outer faces and extrude by a small amount.


dont see that option. i have installed pauls msts plugin pack (where double side resides) restarted 3DC and like I said, I dont see it… could someone hold my hand and show me where thats at. thanks.

-i am awkward at best-

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Is this 3DC version or

The ‘manual’ way of making the inside of a pipe is to select the object and ‘Copy’.
Select the object again and paste.
Select the new object and use the invert operation.
Finally set the new group position to (0,0,0) and combine the 2 objects.

(Double side plugin is much quicker)

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