Flare Extrude

Hi, I’m trying to work through an old MSTS tutorial by Decapod but I cannot find the “Flare Extrude” plugin in 3D Crafter 9.3. I’ve enabled Trainworks and downloaded and installed 3DCrafter TrainworksExtras93.zip. Has it been replaced by something else? Thanks Paul

Hi, not sure if it has the same effect, but you can ‘flare’ an extruded face by setting the bevel amount. With the shape operations tab open, at lower left hand side there’s a control for extrusion amount and bevel setting.

Decapod calls in here from time to time and may well provide an expert comment.



I think you need Decapods plugins. Find a link to them in the “Plug-In Development and Scripting” forum. It’s the top post at the moment called “Plugins Operations and Scripts for 9.3” and links are in the first post.

Hi thanks for the replies I did need Decapods plugins which I’ve now downloaded and installed.
Cheers Paul

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