Finite Movement of Shapes

What is the process for moving an object or shape a finite distance so you can align two or more objects more precisely?


OK, I figured it out but I am not sure the SHIFT process is correct for what I wanted. I seem to recall in an earlier version, like 7.3 maybe, that a property of the shape was the position of the object within the scene. Frankly, I have not used 3DCrafter that much in the past but I am now starting to use it more and more to create objects. I’ll be back with more questions.


Hi Greg – you can set the position of the group containing the object using the group properties but it changes the position of all objects in a group.

or – take a look at the butt object extension if you have it installed.


Hi Paul,

To begin with, I am trying to place individual objects that are not part of a group yet. Which begs the question. Can a group contain only one object or shape? Not sure I ever tried that but logic tells me the answer is no. And yes, I did notice there is a NUDGE feature available to groups. I never got to use it but I am sure that is the feature I was looking for.

I did play with the BUTT function but like so many other similar functions, I can find little information of how each parameter works, other than playing or testing each. As time goes on that information becomes lost in my deteriorating memory. There seems to be no manual to RTFM.

I am sure there is more than one way to do something but it is so frustrating to find those features. As a result, I went to the SHIFT function and finally get the parts in the right place and the right size.

By the way, I was building an FA to correct an issue with an existing shape. I do that a lot these days. That took a lot of trial and error to get the part just right. Now I am in the process of texturing it.


Hi Greg,

Yeah – a group can have a single object – which you’ve probably surmised by now…

The “Butt Objects” is one of the most useful and commonly used tools in my toolbox… It’s worth taking a little time to play with – many times it involved dropping another shape just to use as a guide to line things up…

Best of luck…


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