Fine adjustments with UV Map


You can actually manually enter values to greater precision than .01. So for example you could manually enter andquot;.01232andquot; if you wanted


Thought I would start a new thread on this since I now have a proper response. Clem posted the following:

Hello Richard,

Short of being able to drag things with the mouse, is there any chance that we might be able to adjust the texture cropping more precisely? 0.01 of a 512×512 texture is 5 pixels, and it would really be nice to have finer control than 5 pixels. (not to mention a closer view of what we’re doing, either in texture crop or UV mapping). Could the cropping units actually be pixels, rather than percent, as far as the GUI is concerned? (behind the scenes, you could normalize coordinates to 1×1) I think that would be super convenient.


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