I would like to start a feature improvement thread.

i do love the existing UV mapping feature as i do love to texture on the fly and find it the best bit of software on the market for doing so, and i Do have 3d max and 3d Coate and blender and Solid works and so many overs including Ultimate Unwrap,
so anyway i would love to see more texturing tools like UV unwrap and voxel texturing to allow multi textures on model,

if this could be done it would in my opinion put this software up in the market for game developers of an easy to use texture software, as all other softwares are so darn hard to get to grasp with,

Darn i could not see the edit option to my post.
i was meant to say about adding the option to exporting UV maps so one can texture and then add to model,

Don’t the owner ever read these post. or even care about a good product, if not then pass the source coder over to some one who can develop it further, OR JUST SCRAP IT

Well, I just released an update to version 9.3 today. So, yes I do care about 3DC, and am interested in having feedback. Version 10 is underway as you probably noticed and will be updated in April.

sorry Richard for my rant, had a frustrating time and lost models,
I’m looking forward to a new version 10 , hopefully a stable one. cheers

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