FBX Exporter for Unreal Engine 4

With Trainsimulator moving over to the Unreal Engine in the next year or so, is there any chance of adding an FBX exporter. Can use OBJ but not for anything with animation.

Is it certain that they will drop their exiting file format?

I’ve spoken to a reputable company rep, and apparently you will still be able to use other exporters, but the result looks like MSTS by comparison, if you see what I mean.

Oh, I see. Though I can’t really imagine why.

Ok, my best guess is that the shaders and accompanying settings don’t translate very well. That makes I think.

Looks as if there is no hurry for the UR4 exporter as it’s been announced that TS 2016 will still use the old system.

That’s good to hear. In this case later is better than sooner, at least for me.

Hi. Yesterday was announced Train Sim World, which is the new Train simulator on the UE4 engine.
It has no retrocompatility with the current TS and it will be available, as beta, from december.

The Future of Train Simulation

Can i suggest, for the future 3DCrafter exporter, to use FBX2014 format?
“The UE4 FBX import pipeline uses FBX 2014. Using a different version during export may result in incompatibilities. ”

I have found this page with a description of a generic FBX file. I hope can be a starting point.
A quick tutorial about the FBX ASCII format


That’s soon!

I had a quick look at the format and in general it looks pretty straight forward. There are a couple of unusual things I haven’t figured out, but I guess I’ll have to if I’m going to write an exporter 🙂

I think you’ll have time to figure out an exporter. Dovetail is releasing a beta in December for a short testing period… providing you either purchase, or have purchased, a certain set of exiting routes. And I suspect that there will be interest in the existing version of Train Simulator for quite some time, as Dovetail announced that none of the existing Train Simulator content can be used in the UE4 sim.

Thanks for the info.

December’s possible I think. But probably late December. I’d be able to start sometime after Christmas. Exporters are not typically a lot of work thankfully.

I’m really, really glad to hear that you’ll be making an exporter that will work with TSW. I was afraid I’d only be able to continue making models for TS201x and that I’d have to leave TSW to other people.

Thanks for all your hard work Richard!


FBX exporter is interesting as we are currently testing FBX import in N3V’s TANE only in the development builds that some of us get to play with at present, however I just came here to see if there was any likelihood of fbx support for 3dcrafter.

clam1952 – Malc

i love Unreal engine 4 as I’ use it on a daily basis, theirfore I would love to see am FBX exporter., and would get me back using 3D crafter,

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