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Sorry but posted in two areas as I really need an answer and Amabilis disgustingly take your money and offer no support.

I have been using 3D Crafter software for a number of years. It is very unsteady on Windows 8 and often crashes. This usually means it reverts to Freeware mode on restarting and I have to enter my reg codes again. However it has suddenly decided to cease accepting them and shows as incorrect. I have two copies of my code and I know it is correct. As there is no support by the people that sell this software has anyone on here any ideas. Thanks.

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My apologies for the delay. Can you send your purchase details to “assistance at”? I can have a look to see what has happened.

The issue with reverting to Freeware is to do with some changes Microsoft has made to how information is stored in the Registry. I have been waiting for Pixar’s RenderMan before making another update to 3DC, but since it has been delayed, I will be updating 3DC prior to its release.

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