Export with transparency

Paul Gausden kindly looked at the files:
‘I’m sure the problem is only in the TgPcDx file – the other 2 don’t have that kind of compression.’

So RailSimulator has something to fix.

It could be a problem with the IGS file, telling the rail sim dev tool to convert the texture format.

Try adding _nm to the end of the file name.

This is used by the MAX users to stop normal maps from geting DXT compressed.


I’ll try this tonight.

May be Richard can check what is done in the IGS file.

Paul, do you know something specific about the IGS file? I looked through it an didn’t see anything related to this. But, most of the material attributes are not documented. Maybe I should try importing models with translucency and see if I can see a pattern to the material attributes vs models without translucency. Unfortunately, there are very few importable samples.

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