Export Issues

Just bought the Plus upgrade so I could export some models I’ve made, but I’ve run into some issues.
The .x exporter says it works but the output file will not open or convert in any software that deals with .x files. Not working.
The 3ds exporter only works sometimes, depending on objects in the scene — if it works, i’ll get a messagebox saying export complete, and then all the items get selected in the 3d view, and a file appears that works. if it doesn’t work, all the items get selected and no msgbox or file appears. It seems to not work with certain objects selected, and will not export those objects if I try individually. Not very useful.
Anybody have a solution? It kinda burns my rear end a bit spending what comes out to 50CAD to buy the upgrade specifically for exporting my work only to find that it doesn’t work.

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