Exploding solids

After a LOT of experimenting I was unable to fool MSTS into showing translucency properly. I even tried a single polygon with a translucent texture. Even that simple object did not show translucency properly. There is some andquot;magicandquot; involved in all of this that is not apparent from looking at the shape (s) file.


I was wondering, is it possible to explode a solid object in to its component faces, i.e. make a cube into 6 seperate objects ? I can’t figure out how to do it and was wondering if it is possible.


Kim Durose

You can cut and paste, this separates (cut) the selected faces from the object and puts them back in the scene (paste). You may have to reposition the objects.


Thanks for your help. i am experimenting with different ways of fooling MSTS with the translucent textures thing, and I thought if I tried exploding a locomotive cab in to its component faces it might work.

However, it doesn’t and I just about give up !

Thanks again


Another solution would be to create a surface object, clone it 5 times, and position as a cube. You can use Merge or Group to hold all six sides together(for moving, etc.). Then do your explode.

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