error #2147417848

i found that some updates from microsoft seem to not install automatic and when they dont then the error you report happens thats why after a reinstall it works because windows is the issue i tested this on many virtual pc’s including win 7 win xp sp3 and vista sp2

and i find that if you manually update making sure windows dont skip an update the issues are resolved <!– s:D –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!– s:D –> hope you get it fixed…

I have just started getting an error #2147417848 in ver when I click on an objects properties. I have made no changes to my setup. I have checked through the forums and many people seem to have had the same error but can find no resolution. I’m running XP sp3 with a Radeon Express 1100. I have the latest video drivers installed and have reinstalled 3DC but still get the same error. Please help, not much hair left.

Just an update on this. After no joy with reinstalling I decided to test things step by step. On installing the basic free version there was no problem right clicking and selecting properties. I then entered my registration details to upgrade to the Pro version. On restarting and loading the same object, right clicking and selecting properties caused the error. Obviously something in the upgrade files is the problem.

After trying many re-installs including cleaning out the registry I gave up and re-installed XP. Now working.

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