Easy migration to V6?

aaahh. andnbsp;The problem is the two plugins I want to convert both use NameIt, and something in the reference to this has gone awry.

Finally I’ve cut and pasted code, but with all VB’s stupid files and my stupid directories I’ve overwritten the original NameIt’s and can’t figure where anything is now. andnbsp;Have to reinstall 3DC to get samples back and blah blah blah.

Richard did you change NameIt?


So what’s the easy way to recompile plugins for version 6? andnbsp;Paul (you there?) I know you dunnit already.

Apart from the directory change to Amabilis, the reference section at the top of the .frm files is all changed, and they might as well be Latin too (veni, vedi, ma non vici). andnbsp;I hope they’re not dll entry points, because we’re not vegetarian. andnbsp;Obviously time for bed.

Can I just change the info in these files, or best start from scratch and copy in the code?


I don’t recall it being all to complicated. I think I just copied them to the new folder, changed the reference to andquot;3DC.exeandquot; in andquot;program files3DCandquot; andnbsp;to andquot;3DC.exeandquot; in andquot;program files3dc.exeandquot;. But I honestly can’t remember.



You caught me away from my PC for 3 weeks… I hope you’ve figured it out now.

As Richard says, it is as simple as copying the project to a new folder
open in VB6
select Project/References
unchecking the reference to 3DC.exe and checking the 3DC.EXE reference.

No code changes are necessary, though the generatenormals method should now make use of the object crease angle if it has one.

I went a bit further and changed a few CLS,DLL and project names to avoid conflicts with the 5.7 versions I’m still writing/using.

Sorry about that. I completely forgot about the andquot;3DC Object Viewerandquot; control needing updating.

You likely will need to delete the old 5.7a control from your form, de-select the 5.7a version from andquot;project-]componentsandquot;, select the 6.0 version and then re-add the 6.0 control to your form.


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