dynamic textures

hi all, I understand that in RW there is a way to set up the dynamic numbering so that it can be used to actually dynamic change the textures on your rolling stock, has anyone seen this done or better still know how that it is setup please.

Hi Peter,

Yes, there is an automatic numbering system in Railworks.
I Have used this with success on my models.
See this thread on how to do it.


Or this thread of the official Railworks Wiki.


Any questions, just ask.



Sorry Gerrit, I did not explain myself very well, I know about the numbering system and how to use it as such, what I wanted to know is . I understand that it can also be used to dynamic change wagon liverys, so that not only will RW change the wagon number but depending on that number it will change the livery depending on the textures.

Can this be done, or am I dreaming?

Oops, my bad, I should read your posts better.

But, I have never heard of that feature.



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