Double sided with thickness?

this type of plugin would really be a big help to me…

A suggestion for a possible plug-in or mod to an existing one (I guess this could be for Paul!).

Would it be possible to have an addition to the double side option that also set the thickness of a shape. With the new train sims we are using ‘cut out’ windows rather than basic transparency. I have been making carriage shapes (including windows) and then making it double sided. I then extrude inside the shape to get thickness. However, because you can’t extrude the whole inside in one go (faces in different directions), you end up with lots of extra faces and polys crossing each other. If we could specify a thickness and whether it is outside or inside, this would be an extremely valuable addon.

And apolgies if this has been suggested before, or if it is already available in some way that I haven’t spotted. Alternatively, if you know a better way to do the above, please let me know.


Richard Scott

OK, always have another try before posting hastily! I now see Extrude using face direction rather than region should do it.

Still, a thickness option to double sided might be handy and save a bit of time.



I’m finding the same problem a lot recently (which means a plugin may be imminent)

My solution was to take the single sided object, copy and paste it to itself.
Invert the new object and set the position to 0,0,0
This is effectively double sided, but as 2 objects.
I then right click, Select-andgt;All-andgt;faces on the inside object and extrude.
Finally I combine the 2 objects and optimize to end up with a ‘thick’ double sided object.

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