Double Side Operation for 3DC 9.5

I’ve seen this on several threads for other versions but cannot find it even after downloading decapods plugins….can any body help?

It should be installed with the other plugins here:

Is there a doubleside.dll file in the My Documents\3DCrafter 9.5\Extensions folder ?

I’ve reinstalled the plugins but cannot find the doubleside.dll under the folder My Documents\3DCrafter 9.5\Extensions however it does exist under the C:\Program Files (x86)\3DCrafter\Operations folder.

I checked the Tools Options Operations menu and the DoubleSide.dll is showing but the tool was not showing under Shape Operations panel. After unchecking and then rechecking the tool now appears in the Shape operations panel.

ok – the file should have a date of 5th Sept 2017
and in the file properties it should have a version of 9.05.085 ?

try registering it with the following command from the Start-> run option
regsvr32 “C:\Program Files (x86)\3DCrafter95\Operations\doubleside.dll”

If that succeeds you should get an icon for it in the operations panel – it won’t become active until you select an object in the scene.

It could also mean my other operations are not registered so repeat for:


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the advice, rechecked the dates etc and all fine now.

Only issue which doesn’t appear to cause any issues is that the files are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\3DCrafter\Operations instead of My Documents\3DCrafter 9.5\Extensions.

Regards Steve

I am having a bit of a problem with this as well and despite registering the .dll files (Crafter 9.3) and trying just about everything else, doubleside is not available to use.

I have got around this temporarily by creating a new scene in Canvas, (which is still installed on my computer) create several different double sided faces in that scene, save the scene and then load it into Crafter, and then put the selection of faces into the Crafter component library. This seems to work, but perhaps there are hidden problems which might appear later.

Make sure you have the correct version of the plugins. I don’t think the ones for V9.5 work on 9.3.

Have you looked in the Tools/Options/operations tab to see if the doubleside.dll is there?….if it is uncheck and then recheck.

To to the same action without the doubleside operation:

select the faces or object you want to double side
Click the copy button
Select the object you copied from and click paste
the new object is now in a child group.
Click on the new object and run the invert operation
Select the new child group and set the position to 0,0,0 (and all orientations to 0 too)
Select the old object and the new object and use the merge button on the right side menu.

I still cannot encourage the program to show the doubleside operation anywhere, but thanks to Paul for the alternative method to create double sided faces on an object which works very well, so this is more than adequate for my modest requirements.

Although I have tried later versions, I find that version 9.3 is stable and does what I need it to so I am going to stick with this for the time being.

Thanks to all for the helpful suggestions.

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