DirectX Models – Can't Load Several

I have a few that I bought recently and I can load them into many things except 3DCrafter 9. A window pops up stating “File Format Invalid.” I can load others though. And I can load those same models into everything else. I don’t know about other formats yet.

What do you need from me to help you solve this little problem? I’m running on a Dell laptop with an I-7 core, on a 1.8 terabyte hard drive, with 8 GB of memory, on Windows 10 – all Windows updates applied.

Also, no real concern it’s just cosmetic, when I move the mouse over the menu items in the pull-down screens the fonts all change to something smaller.

It might be the format the of the textures. Is there a pattern? Say ones that load are bmp and ones that don’t are png?

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