dark basic pro and scale

I use DBPro, and when I did a scale test, I used make object cube with a size of 10. Since 3DC doesn’t support .dbo, I used Fragmotion to import the cube.dbo and exported as .x Then I imported the .x into 3DC and it came out to be exactly 10 units when set to meters. But like Bazza said, a 3ds model and many other formats will be huge when imported into 3DC. So as long as you either build all your models in 3DC at least use 3DC to import and scale them, everything will work fine. Also, like Bazza said, different 3D modelers have the Y and Z coordinates reversed. And it also depends on whether the application use a left hand or right handed coordinate system. For instance everything built in 3DC will be backwards when imported into ultimate unwrap. When importing models into 3DC, if it looks wong in the preview window use the swap or flip check boxes to position it correctly.

I have just starting to try to learn dark basic pro and was wondering if those of you that already use it have some kind of general guide as to what the scale of ‘units’ in dark basic pro roughly translates to in 3dc. For example, the command MAKE OBJECT CUBE object number, size: If I set size to 100, would it be the same as makeing a cube in 3DC of say 100 feet or meters or centimeters? I have imported various .x objects of characters and buildings and they are huge and sometimes the characters are lying horizontally. I guess from making trains in 3DC using real life dimensions I thought that was what was usually done. Anyway, thanks in advance for any help…

I don’t use Dark Basic but this mis match of scales between 3D apps is quite common.
Even between 3D modelers you will find this happens….
A one unit cube in 3DS would appeare massive if you loaded it into 3DC but as long as it is used in 3DS it would always appear to be at a scale of one unit.

The only way to tell for sure would be to create a one unit cube in Dark Basic and export this into 3DC to check out the scale difference.

If your models appeare large when imported into Dark Basic you should be able to scale them down as required but it’s still a wise move to try to build everything to scale in 3DC.
I use Blitz and have to scale models up slightly unless I build to Feet and inches in 3DC which is just about spot on for Blitz.

The reason for some of the models being layed horizontal is because of the axis rotation in 3DC.
You must make sure that axis of the parent object of the model is orientated correctly in 3DC, Z=forward, y=up etc.
This also applies to a skeleton if you are using bones.
The parent bone must have it’s axis oriented correctly.


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