Crafter 9.2.2 and RW2013

Is anyone having problems with Crafter 9.2.2 models and importing them into RW2013 ? Prior to the update from TS2012 I had no problems with locomotive valve gear but since the update(s) I can get the model to show up in the asset editor preview screen and show the correct animations. When I run the model in the Simulator the wheels rotate, any attached rods rotate with them but no rods follow the animation set up in Crafter and visible the Asset editor preview screen. Any comment from someone would be of use to me before firing off to RSC and hoping for a reply from them.


I’m building a steam loco with Walschaert’s gear in 3DC 9.2.2 and it works fine, including in the Asset Editor’s preview screen.

Sometimes I’ve had to delete the loco from the Assets folder and from the Kuju previewer before exporting it, to make it work correctly.

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